Swedish WealthTech company Bricknode launches new portfolio management software application

Swedish WealthTech company Bricknode launches new portfolio management software application

Bricknode, a SaaS financial services platform, has launched a new portfolio management software application aimed at small family offices and corporate investors.

Impact 2022: Retailers road to net-zero

Retail is undergoing an unprecedented transition. The shift from high-street to online, the impacts of globalisation and a generation focused on making sure that waste doesn’t exist. How are retailers reducing the negative impact of products on both people and the environment through the supply chain?

* Helen Dickinson, Chief Executive Officer, British Retail Consortium
* Francesca Lilley, Head of Sustainability and Brand Strategy, COS
* Patrik Söderström, Chief Executive Officer, GANT

Impact is a yearly gathering bringing together stakeholders from across relevant industries and some of the greatest thinkers from both Sweden and the UK to discuss the way to a green recovery.

At Impact 2022, we hone in on the key issues and solutions in helping us reduce our footprint, and together reaching the United Nations sustainable development goals. You will meet businesses making real impactful changes to their operations, business models being turned upside down, politicians and policy makers working alongside corporates, and the next generation of entrepreneurs and ideas shaping our future.

Learn more about Impact 2022: https://www.scc.org.uk/events/list/impact-2022/

Keynote: The state of the Nordic M&A market – Nordic M&A Forum 2023

* Nicolas Moura, CFA, Private Capital Research Analyst, EMEA, PitchBook

The Nordic M &A Forum is a yearly gathering bringing together stakeholders from across the industry, from banks, asset managers, private equity and advisory firms, from both the City and the Nordics.

Learn more about the Nordic M &A Forum 2023: https://www.scc.org.uk/events/list/nordic-ma-forum-2023/

Maximizing the Cloud Experience: Unveiling Key Trends and Value Drivers with the Hyland Cloud

Join Vic Iacianci and Marc Cianciolo, cloud experts from Hyland, as they walk through the latest cloud trends and highlight the drivers and value propositions experienced by organizations that have already migrated to the Hyland Cloud. Plus, learn about the exciting enhancements that have been implemented cross-functionally at Hyland. You’ll learn more about them and how they have made a measurable impact on the cloud customer experience.

00:00 Intro – Marc Cianciolo & Vic Iacianci
01:53 Agenda
03:50 Value Proposition
12:35 Cost Avoidance & Cost Savings
18:00 The Platform
20:21 Customer Cloud vs Hyland Cloud
21:02 Customer Experience Focus
25:19 Cloud Experience Enhancements
26:51 Resources & Training
28:22 Migration Considerations
29:11 Closing


New Materials – Business Sweden

Tomorrow’s smart societies will use materials that are sustainably sourced, recyclable, bio-based and increasingly intelligent. The mission: to meet climate goals and enable transformative innovation in the way every product is made, reused and recycled – from smartphones and batteries to cars and clothes.

Will you shape the circular future?

Read more: https://www.business-sweden.com/markets/sweden/new-materials/

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