InsurTech Continuity bags $5m seed to launch AI assistant, expand team

InsurTech Continuity bags $5m seed to launch AI assistant, expand team

Continuity, a company that uses AI to help insurers bolster underwriting for SMEs, has secured $5m from a seed financing raise.

Get Your Own Personal AI Assistant with These Two Platforms

Elevenlabs for audio generation:
D-ID for video generation:
Reddit post:
ChatGPT for script creation:
MidJourney for image generation:

Prompt Used in the video:
imagine a medium shot of white woman wearing a Tshirt, captured with a Nikon D850 and a Nikon AF-s NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR lens, lit with high-key lightning to create a soft and ethereal feel, a shallow depth of field –ar 2:3

I got the video idea from: &ab_channel=PromptEngineering

Python AI Assistant with a Natural Voice

In this video we upgrade our voice-controlled AI assistant to respond to us with a more humanlike voice by leveraging the Google Text-to-speech API and the generous free $300 allotment.

In the first half of the video we cover the steps to take to gain access to the Google Cloud API. In the second half we explore the available voice options and update the AI assistant code to make use of the new text-to-speech approach.

01:00 Setting up a Google Cloud Account
09:26 Exploring Google Voices
12:50 Updating the AI assistant

Get Google Cloud access here:

Review the AI Assistant code here:

Text-to-speech API instructions:

Alternative TTS APIs:

#python #TTS #AI #googlecloud #shodan

Build Your Own AI Assistant Part 1 – Creating the Assistant

Do you want to know how to build your own AI Assistant, like Jarvis, Siri, or Alexa? Then watch this show. We’ll be using Python and a Raspberry Pi to bring our AI to life.

For more information, tutorials, parts and more visit:​

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AI Code repository on Github

Music by Epidemic Sounds

00:00:00 How to build your own AI Assistant
00:00:10 Session Goals
00:00:55 Overview of this series
00:02:21 How does an AI Assistant Work?
00:02:27 Logic Flow
00:04:17 Voice Assistant data flow
00:05:37 A overview sketch of our AI Assistant
00:09:39 Initial Idea
00:10:04 AI Assistant Architecture
00:12:09 Architecture, the four pillars
00:15:27 Hardware and Software toolkit
00:15:31 Hardware
00:20:52 Software
00:23:05 Skills
00:24:16 Speech Engine
00:26:28 Demo Time
00:50:50 Working Code – first run
00:51:00 We’ve built an AI Comedian
#RaspberryPi #Python​ #Robotics

The power and potential of AI in insurance claims

Githesh Ramamurthy, chairman and CEO of CCC Information Services, shares his views on the future of claims.

See more in “The future of insurance: Faster, easier claims” in The Next Normal series:

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