Backbase to power digital bank UNObank

Backbase to power digital bank UNObank

Banking software provider Backbase will provide its engagement banking platform to UNObank, DigiBankASIA's digital bank.

GCash UnoBank: How to Open UnoBank Account – Earn High Interest, and More ? [2023]

GCash UnoBank: How to Open UnoBank Account – Earn High Interest, and More ? [2023]
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Backbase Webinar: The Everyday Bank

In this special, exclusive webinar, Jouk Pleiter and Tim Rutten of Backbase will showcase the Finovate Europe’s Best of Show solution, The Everyday Bank – we will show how to create personalised customer journeys hyper targeted to users, resulting in increased customer acquisition and retention.
Instead of simply providing customers with traditional banking products such as account access and payment tools, the new solution will push the boundaries of personalisation to the next level by delivering tailor-made customer journeys based on real-time behavior, interests, location and preferences.

We will look at:
How can banks leverage on AI (artificial intelligence)? How can they harness its power to improve their customer experience?
The impact of the open fintech API ecosystem.
PSD2 – not just compliance but a new sales & origination opportunity
The main strategic directions banks should choose from

Backbase Digital Banking Platform

Introducing Backbase Digital Banking Platform (DBP), for more info visit

Today, your retail banking customers they expect more. Like a beautiful and easy to use customer experience, that is personal and relevant, on any device. And you, you want to provide that experience, in a way that sets you apart from other banks.

Seems reasonable enough, right?

But, all this can be hard to do when most digital banking solutions today are static, one size fits all affairs.

At Backbase, we specialize in creating beautiful, better, digital banking solutions.

We’re giving you the freedom and flexibility to deliver the personalized, next-generation digital banking experience that today’s customers expect.

This includes access to customer-intelligent features like: aggregated account data, easy bill pay, remote check deposit, budgeting, goals, notifications, transaction categorization, and more.

It’s all here, and all designed to work easily and intuitively across every digital channel, at any time.

And you – the financial institution – retain… full control of your digital strategy.

With our Visual Editor, you can modify and optimize everything, for every device, from standard web access, to what your customers see on-the-go.

And, you can create targeted marketing campaigns to increase share of wallet and improve online sales, just as easily.

Schedule a live demo today, and let our experts show you how Backbase can help you get on the path from static to engaging, cross-channel banking for your customers.

Power of ONE — UNObank and Backbase

UNObank CEO & Co-Founder Manish Bhai left the corporate world after 25 years with one mission: to use banking technology to put people first. Be inspired by his story:
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