ZenLedger capitalises on strong year of growth with a Series A close

ZenLedger capitalises on strong year of growth with a Series A close

Tax software developer ZenLedger has scored $6m in its Series A round, after recording 500% revenue growth in the past year.

012: A Masterclass in Off-Market Seller Dialogues

Looking to scale off-market? One of the most common mistakes, if not the most common mistake people make when trying to get into the off-market acquisition game is they send the same boring postcard to everyone. This doesn’t work when you’re looking to scale off-market.

Now, there’s also too much spam out there and too many expensive courses offered that are just completely useless. Today, I’m doing this masterclass in off-market seller dialogues where I share some of these strategies to help you take your off-market acquisition game to the next level.

These are strategies I’ve perfected over the years. Specifically, I’m going to discuss six off-market opportunities you can tap into and how you can approach each – then you’ll understand why you can’t just send the same postcard every single time.

In this episode, you will hear:

The Concerned Citizen letter (for out-of-state owners) The “I want to be just like you” letter (for local investors) The neighborhood investor letter (for owners who own houses on or around your blocks) The caretaker letter for​​ your older folks The divorce letter Probate letter for the heirs Pre-foreclosure opportunities Subscribe and Review

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Zentek (ZEN) CEO Greg Fenton on ZenGUARD launch and Core Technology with BlueSky Opportunities.

CEO Greg Fenton will be discussing the upcoming commercial launch of it’s ZenGUARD and the platform technology along with other growth opportunities.

“Zentek is an IP development and commercialization company focused on the research, development and commercialization of novel products using graphene and nanomaterials for use in the healthcare industry and beyond.

Zentek’s patented ZenGUARD™ coating is shown to have 99% antimicrobial activity and to significantly increase the bacterial and viral filtration efficiency of both surgical masks and HVAC systems. Zentek’s ZenGUARD™ production facility is located in Guelph, Ontario.”

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CEO Greg Fenton

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ZEN Stock

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Tax Loss Harvesting for Cryptocurrency

We’ll cover all the basics of Tax Loss Harvesting your Crypto Investments to minimize your tax liability using ZenLedger!
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