How can investors choose the best RegTech startups to back?

How can investors choose the best RegTech startups to back?

With more and more RegTech startups appearing on the horizon, it is getting harder for investors to differentiate the good from the not so good according to Velocicor CEO and RegTech Canada co-founder Matt Elton.

Spotlight On… RegTech and Innovation webinar – panel discussion

RegTech is maturing and Financial institutions are using the opportunity to invest in solutions that go beyond regulation and compliance to transform their business.

In this webinar we discuss innovation, adoption and how regulated firms are looking to RegTech to give them a competitive advantage.

Mark Demo – Head of Industry and Strategy, AcadiaSoft
Elizabeth Sipiere – Head of Business Development, Legerity
Michael Imeson – Senior Content Editor, Financial Times Live (moderating)

00:05 Moderator’s welcome from Michael Imeson
00:30 Introduction to panellists
01:09 Introduction to the topic
03:09 Presentation from Elizabeth Sipiere, Head of Business Development, Legerity
11:28 Presentation from Mark Demo, Head of Industry and Strategy, AcadiaSoft
24:02 Elizabeth Sipiere – IFRS 17 was issued in May 2017 but won’t be effective until January 2022. Why should insurers be thinking about it now when it’s still 2.5 years away?
26:10 Elizabeth Sipiere – why are some firms not going down the RegTech route and sticking with traditional methods?
27:53 Mark Demo – How has the fact that the uncleared margin rules (UMR) are being phased in over four years – from Sept 2016 to Sept 2020 – affected the development of your platform?
32:25 Elizabeth Sipiere – In developing your accounting software for IFRS 17, how closely did you work with the IFRS Foundation and the IASB, which are responsible for the standards? Were they easy to work with?
34:41 Elizabeth Sipiere – What about the financial regulators – the FCA or PRA in the UK for example? Do they have to be involved?
35:22 Mark Demo – What has been the significance of ISDA’s development of SIMM – the Standard Initial Margin Model? And how widely is it now used?
38:36 Elizabeth Sipiere – Legerity’s IFRS SaaS is based on AWS’s cloud platform. What are the advantages of AWS over other cloud providers? What are the advantages of customers using the software on a cloud platform versus installing it on their own, on-premise servers?
41:54 Mark Demo – What other services does AcadiaSoft provide? And do you build them all in-house, or buy them in?
43:55 Elizabeth Sipiere – What would you like listeners to remember most about what you’ve said?
44:50 Mark Demo – What would you like listeners to remember most about what you’ve said?
47:07 Michael Imeson’s concluding remarks

About “Spotlight On…”:
“Spotlight On…” is a monthly executive briefing on innovation, business development and technology – bringing together senior perspectives from across the business landscape to share, inspire and collaborate.

Oliver Wyman’s Guide to RegTech

Oliver Wyman’s video explains the growing importance of RegTech and how organisations can use digital technology to transform their risk and compliance function.

15 Important Startup Lessons for Tech Founders and CEOs

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This video is about 15 key startup lessons for tech founders and CEOs.

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How to Choose the Right Investor for your Startup (3 Steps You Need to Know)

Where is your capital coming from?

For early stage startups, sometimes this question is far more important than having capital (if you want your business to scale successfully over the longer term).

While having capital for your startup is fundamental, knowing whether the capital is coming from the right place (whether it’s from angel investors or venture capitalists) will help ensure your business growth in the right total addressable market.

While some founders may not have the luxury of time as they navigate how to raise capital for their business, it’s important they at least follow this process if they want to get the most return for their business investment.

Here David Gowdey, Managing Partner at Jungle Ventures breaks 3 steps on how to choose the right investor for your startup.

0:00 – How to choose the right investor for your startup
0:38 – Find investors for the right stage that add value
1:39 – Make sure they’re coming in on fair terms
2:52 – Do your due diligence
3:49 – Summary


Jungle Ventures is a Singapore based Venture Capital Firm that invests in regional or global technology category leaders from Asia.

We collaborate closely with Founders to build the intrinsic value of their company by building a scalable organization and providing dependable long-term capital.

We have grown to become one of Southeast Asia’s largest independent venture capital firms.



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