Charities, NGOs providing support to Ukrainians hit by malware

Charities, NGOs providing support to Ukrainians hit by malware

Charities and non-governmental organisations are offering support to those who have been targeted by malware attacks in Ukraine, Amazon has revealed.

Help Us Help The Children: Canadian NGO continues helping orphans in Ukraine

UT sits down with Ruslana Wrzesnewskyj, founder and coordinator of the charitable organization ‘Help Us Help The Children’ and the charitable fund ‘Nove Pokolinnya’, to talk about how her projects have been helping orphans from all over Ukraine for the past 23 years since the founding of the organization.

The charitable organization ‘Help Us Help The Children’ (HUHTC) aims at improving the quality of life for children living in orphanages in Ukraine. It has provided almost 10,000 orphaned children with immediate aid and support since the 1990s. Each year the organization holds winter and summer camps, preparing a comprehensive life skills programs for orphans.

The organization’s mission has evolved with years passing by, starting with providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainian orphanages up to helping children affected by the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine.

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Crowd sings to wounded Ukrainian soldiers arriving in Minnesota to be fitted for prosthetic limbs

After putting their lives on the line for their country, five Ukrainian soldiers who lost limbs during the war made the more than 5,000-mile journey to Minnesota on Saturday, where with the help of a nonprofit, they will be fitting with new prosthetics.

The soldiers arrived to a hero’s welcome, with dozens of Ukrainian-Americans and supporters waving flags and carrying signs of support at MSP International Airport.

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And a related fundraiser/event on Sunday Aug. 7:

Visit with Ukrainian Heroes Receiving Prosthetic Care in Minnesota:

Video from Fox 9 photojournalist Casey Hooker and reporter Mary McGuire.

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Ransomware attacks more common across the country | FOX 13 Seattle

Big corporations like Dish Network, the U.S. Marhals Service and Dole Food Company have been hit.

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An Analysis of Russian Cyber Attacks On Ukraine

In this video I look over some of Russia’s cyber weapons and state sponsored hacking attacks that are taking place against Ukraine. This includes an analysis of Russian malware like FoxBlade (HermeticWiper), Lasainraw (IsaacWiper) DesertBlade, FiberLake, SonicVote CaddyWiper and Industroyer2.

Full writeup from Microsoft and Malwarebytes

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