A truce between Amazon and Visa?

A truce between Amazon and Visa? Amazon has reached a deal with Visa to continue accepting payments from its credit cards, after several months of tensions over rising transaction fees. GET $80 OFF AMAZON USING YOUR AMERICAN EXPRESS CREDIT CARD �������� Shop with points: &linkCode=ll2 &tag=0207amexpromo-20 &linkId=3c61dd9876483929c25f6064da012eea &language=en_US &ref_=as_li_ss_tlActivate targeted promotion offer: &linkCode=ll2 &tag=0207amexpromo-20 &linkId=a52dd5778dc5314570b2a91815b00298 &language=en_US &ref_=as_li_ss_tl CHECK YOUR CREDIT CARD: Double Amazon Visa Rewards Offer May-July (Well, Sort Of) Support our channel by choosing your next credit card using one of the card links at:- BEST: CASH BACK: TRAVEL: BONUS: BALANCE TRANSFER: GAS:…
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