The King of Neverland

The Kickstarter

This project began as a comic book idea, but rapidly evolved into something bigger. Since the original JM Barrie story was a novel, I felt it only fitting to remain in that format for my version of what happens after the original book.

With beautiful art and character design from Ashley Lanni, The King of Neverland Kickstarter began in 2015 and was funded in just a day. Granted, we weren't asking for too much, but it still made me realize we were on the right track and that this story needed to be told.

The first book is finally nearly complete and we will be sharing it with the world once its ready.

The Expansion

Since the Kickstarter's end, a movie version has been in talks and the book has expanded into multiple novels. There were so many unique questions I had to specific things in JM Barrie's masterpiece, and one book just wasn't enough to cover them all.

Now, instead of just one novel coming out, there are 3, including one called Side Quests, which tells short stories of the universe's characters, bridging story elements between the main books.

This is my first true attempt at world building, so naturally I'm nervous, but feel that the expansion from 1 book to 3 was very organic. It was key that I didn't just write multiple books for the sake of doing it, and that everything mattered to the story.

The King Of Neverland will be out in 2018, along with Side Quests, followed by Book 2 in 2019 and Book 3 in 2020. I hope you all enjoy this new series of adventures.

The Premise

Journey back to Neverland, but see it for the first time through the eyes of exciting new characters, and all of the returning greats from J.M. Barrie's classic story. 

THE KING OF NEVERLAND is a young adult novel written by me, Siike Donnelly, with art by Ashley Lanni, which brings Wendy and her brothers back to Neverland. 

Joined by new character, Sun, along with Tiger Lily and the Lost Boys, they must join forces to battle an evil King in a last ditch attempt to soften his heart and turn him back into the boy everyone once loved; Peter Pan! THE KING OF NEVERLAND is a non-stop adventure that will capture your heart and imagination all over again, delivering a Peter Pan epic unlike any other.  

"It's Hook, American McGee's Alice, and Final Fantasy all rolled into one amazing story! I just had to be involved!" -editor Maddison Nielsen

The King of Neverland Characters