The Gotham City Bricks Network

The Live Streams

Every Saturday and/or Sunday morning (depending on my work schedule) we play over an hour of Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Lego Dimensions, or any other Lego Game with Batman in it on Twitch.

This show can be viewed LIVE at www.Twitch.TV/SiikeAndDestroy but can also be viewed, edited to less than an hour, on YouTube two weeks after the live episode.

In this stream we just talk all things DC related, and all things LEGO related. 

The Vlogs

From time to time I either leave the apartment to film some DC Comics fun or I stay in and create my own fun.

These vlogs just showcase my passion for the DC Characters in the ways that make the most sense to me.

The Comic Reviews

Every now and then I review a DC Comic, sometimes even giving away the Digital Code so that YOU can read it too. 

These reviews are me analyzing the books from a comic book editor viewpoint, pointing out things good and bad (in my opinion) in each book in a constructive way.

More Videos


Sometimes I get to interview talented people that work on DC properties.

TV/Movie Talk

A new show where I pick random Episodes of Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, iZombie, and Justice League Action, from their latest seasons and discuss them briefly. 


A new Lego Batman show I've created where we take a look at a specific DC Character in Lego form, but give their stats, origin, first appearance, so that I can share my DC knowledge with new and old fans alike.

Coming soon...