How to Begin

Version One: The Book

My initial plan was to make Elan Vital a book, which it still is and you can pick it up if you like owning physical copies of art books. 

But as the project evolved, it became clear it was something different. For now, if you own the physical book, simply read through it and click on the links below to see the videos and hear the songs that are meant to be played during key moments of the story.

Version Two: The Evolved Edition

Elan Vital is a collection of "memories" from a robot that recently obtained a human's soul. It only makes sense that it be told in a visual, digital form.

Coming soon is Elan Vital: The Evolved Edition, which is a series of videos with music, movies, and voice acting added in to help tell the story the way it was originally envisioned. Now that I've gotten a bit better at editing, this book can truly come to life.

Links to videos coming soon...