The Basics

Born in West Virginia, lived in Greece, raised in the Southern US, but sadly I barely remember any of it. A brain aneurysm survivor that works at Lego and spends his spare time writing, editing, drawing, filming, streaming, and reviewing.


A few nights a week, I unwind by live streaming games on Twitch. Sometimes I provide commentary, discussing the lore and behind the scenes creation of each game, and sometimes we just talk comics, movies, etc while we play. It's a fun time and my favorite form of escape.

The Brain Aneurysm Foundation

This is a charity near and dear to me. Help us spread aneurysm awareness and please visit the site and stay educated on this topic.

For those who make a donation of $10 or more to the BA Foundation, under the name Solestar, send me a screengrab via email ( and I will email you a digital copy of the Adventures of Solestar comic.

My Books


Machiavelli "Mac" Essex is new to Atlanta, but he has a plan... deception, misdirection, and murder are all involved.

In less than a week Mac must convince the cops he's not a criminal, convince the criminals he's not a cop, and keep both parties in the dark as to what his true goals really are.

Nothing is ever easy... especially in the south. Welcome to Hotlanta.

The Adventures of Solestar

This graphic novel chronicles the final adventure of Solestar, a Japanese superhero with only a day left to live. With many of his villains still alive, plotting the world's demise upon Solestar's death, our hero embarks on his most difficult mission ever: by the end of the day, Solestar hopes to turn his villains into heroes, to ensure our safety in a world without him.  

Join writer Siike Donnelly (Rhino, Heaven's Echo) as he tells a story so mesmerizing, it could only be brought to life by 60 of the comic book industry's most talented artists.  Digital wizards, painters, manga artists, tattoo geniuses, indy creators and comic book legends unite to tell a story unlike any you've read before. 

This is not a story about how a man dies... but how a man lives.  Siike will be donating proceeds he makes off the book sales to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation (

Elan Vital

Artificial Intelligence is real, and the first model designed, a robot named Elan Vital, has gained more than sentience, but a human soul as well.  From Siike Donnelly (Rhino, Monomyth, The Adventures of Solestar), comes an exploration of art, love, death, and what it means to be human.  

Within these pages are the digital memories of a new lifeform, yearning to fit in, and its heartbreaking, flawed journey to save the world.   Elan Vital is the first story of its kind; mixing music, sculpting, painting, filmmaking, and more to bring to life a project unlike any other. 

Its an art book with a narrative, using mixed media to build and destroy the world within and outside its pages.

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